Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Virus: Computer Poltergeist

Everyone knows how dangerous the Virus is. In simple terms, it is a disruptive computer code. Computer virus always replicates itself. Furthermore, it spreads up rapidly by attaching itself to all other existing files. Viruses can cause a number of harmful things on any computer. They can be a cause of all traumatic situations ranging from disrupting files to hazardously crashing networks. Most interesting thing is that it can be lying inactive, devoid of you knowing that it is there. It can attack when least expected such as right in the middle of typing a long document or downloading a large file.  


Another interesting thing is that Virus can be made to open on a specific date. Just like a time bomb. It will blast when it's time arrives. While performing online activities you should be very careful. You should not open e-mail attachments until you are enough sure about who has sent them and how much safe it is. Moreover, you can scan attachments for viruses by means of computer software. The most dangerous thing is that whenever the attachment gets opened the virus attaches itself to your hard drive. It starts damaging all your files. Viruses are able to search your saved e-mail addresses even. Not only has this but they sent itself to your business partners. It can contain an attachment too. When this attachment is opened it will definitely infect other computers.


Most of the people love games, music, videos etc. They just can't stop themselves from free downloads available on the internet. They just download games, music or video programs from various sites. If it is a trustworthy site, if you have dealt with it before then it is ok. Otherwise make sure thrice whether it is safe or not. It is always recommended to run a virus scan before installation.


Security measures are essential as some downloads can contain adware, viruses or spyware. All this can sound scary to some of us. However, the fact is that when there is problem, there is solution too. In today's fast changing and aggressive world everyone who owns PC must be well equipped like a soldier. All these weapons can help you to prevent yourself from hidden attacks while working online. Following things can aid you to prevent your computer from virus attack.


Be aware of the latest virus definition lists.  

·         Check, whether your internet service provider has efficient tools to prohibit viruses, prior they can reach your mailbox.

·         Always take back-up of your computer data on CD-R disks or other media.  

·         Scan any software before installing it.

·         Check your e-mail and web browser settings

·         Keep your security settings at the highest level.


All these things can help you to keep your computer Virus free and running safely.

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