Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need For Computer Security

When it comes to computer security, we think about the useful security methods and tips to make your computer or network secure. It simply includes installing an email scanning programs, updated antivirus program, internet access policy and network monitoring tools. Network security has become a very big issue of every computer network. Even minor security vulnerabilities can cause a heavy loss of the sensitive data of your client computers and server even. Keeping not only the computer but also network secure, is essential and indispensable responsibility of the security specialists and network administrators. There are various prevention methods and security measures, which can be carried out to deal with this traumatic situation. 


It is the liability of the network administrators to ensure and organize the security patches, which is missing in all the network computers. Furthermore, they must also eliminate the unnecessary user accounts, network shares, access points, users' accounts and wireless access points. Moreover, they have to limit the access also for the network users. In addition to this, there is necessity of appropriate training for the network administrators, IT managers and network users regarding the susceptible things that can cause a network to be prone for attack. There is need of a network administration of company must be highly expert person. He should have mere understanding about the whole and sole of network security and have great experience in system/network administration. In addition to this, they must have capabilities to deal with the various security issues.


There are numerous security threats, which can be the cause behind the network security attack. Major security threats are viruses, denial of service, malwares, distributed denial of service, spyware, Trojan horses, accidental deletion of files, unauthorized access, uncontrolled internet access, spywares, malwares, etc. A computer virus is a small executable code or program which when executes and repeats carry out various unnecessary and damaging functions for not only the computer but also the entire network.


Viruses are able to consume memory, devastate hard disks and processors as well at a very great scale. This can subsequently lower the overall performance of a computer and the network as well. Email can be a big resource for a virus or malicious codes. Therefore, it is necessary to implement some potent email monitoring and scanning program. You need to have a rigid security policy. In addition to this, you need to block the unwanted webs and ports applications.


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