Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do Not Mess Up The IT Security.

When you get your PC and connect it to the net, then you are advised by the PC vendors to install an anti-virus software to protect it from the virus threats. You do, do that and relax overlooking the fact that certain threats still linger around. You tend to believe in some myths that influence your online security practices. If you get to know truth behind the most common legends, possibly it will help you secure the data. Prior to that, it would be better if you understand the reasons behind; the myths to be established. Actually there is no such pin-pointed reason. It is mostly because of ignorance, lack of information, or an assumption. It is generalized concept that is passed from one individual to another as they seem to true.

If you believe in these myths then you may be posing your self to threats because of your lax behavior towards the security. Now or later you could,  then become a victim the security breaches. Here are some myths and the truth behind them.


First Myth: "Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software highly efficient"

Truth: True that firewalls and anti-virus software are important to protect your information. Both individually are incapable of providing you complete protection against the attacks on your PC, though both when used in combination reduce the risks.

Second Myth: "You just have to install the Anti-virus software on your computer once and then stop worrying about the IT threats." Truth: Most of the anti-virus vendors release update patches or updates of the software to fix the virus threats and problems. You are suggested to install them ASAP. Some software even offer to automatically install the updates. This makes sure that you have the latest virus signatures and definitions for the software to scan for.


Third Myth: "You need not protect you PC as there is nothing important on it"

Truth: your thoughts and ideas are not applicable to the whole world, the hackers definitely think the other way. So what is not that important in your opinion may be for the crackers. If , by any chance you have stored financial details or even personal data, the hackers may use them for their own purpose, say like for their financial gains. They may even impersonate you using your personal details.  


Fourth Myth: "The attacks are only for financial purpose".

Truth: Identity theft is not done looking at your financial condition. Instead the hackers can target anyone. The attackers generally look out for databases which hold maximum data about people. If your information is on any such database, and then you could be harassed or used as masks for the mal-practitioners. It is suggested that when ever you are posting any data on the web check if the data store is reliable

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