Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bluetooth Security Issues

Nowadays, Bluetooth technology, is widely used by the mobile or cell users. This is so because it is free, efficient and easy to use and monitor. However, it does come across certain issues like security. If you think, that Bluetooth is safe, then think again. Bluetooth technology, like all the other networks is also, misused by the mal-practitioners. Yes, it is also vulnerable to unauthorized access and spying.

Bluetooth can be used widely to send data without spending much time and effort. At times, receipt of data is un-monitored. The user does not definitely know who is sending him what. However, this is what causes the problem. The mal-practitioners use this feature to get to their vicious aims.

The violators have abused Bluetooth in certain ways, leading to problems like Carwhispers, bluebugging and bluejacking. Carwhispering is actually an act of sending audio messages to or receiving from cars enabled with Bluetooth. Software is used to achieve this. Next in line is Bluebugging, this more of a theft. The crackers use the remote access feature of Bluetooth and use the victim's cell to make calls or send text messages. The victim is completely unaware of this exploit while the hackers make merry on the victim's money.

Bluejacking, happens when the user accepts a business card (some phone details) which is sent to him /her and stores the details in the memory of the device. The violator then targets this person and floods his mobile with messages. (Now that can be very irritating). Bluetooth has certain security methods. Nowadays device producers decide on the best mode. Most common among security is that, Bluetooth connection is only to be established with known destinations (users) or trusted devices. The Bluetooth providers allow data transfer among the trusted devices. For the rest they ask the user to decide whether he/she would accept the data transfer. Then it is the user's responsibility. Best part is that the user can switch off his Bluetooth enabled device, when he does not want to establish any Pico net.

Earlier cell phones could be hacked by hackers; they used Bluetooth to load viruses on the gadget. They would establish connections with the mobile users and use to send out corrupt files. However, these happening are scarce, but mobile users are still under threat. Certain security software also provides features for mobile scans and deletes the viruses, which could hinder the gadget's performance.

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