Monday, March 01, 2010

Adware - An Interruption

There are many things that obstruct your working on your PC, and mostly because of certain nasty things that come from the net. Most common are virus, spyware and adware. Adware is the reason of irritation for PC internet users worldwide. Basically, adware is the main culprit for the frustrating advertisements that appear all of a sudden on the computer screen. These come on the machine when any one downloads free software. Get to know more about adware as in what it is, what it does, etc.

Get to know what adware is? Adware is a program that is downloaded mostly from the net. The first sign of adware is that flash ads constantly pop up on your screen. On top of that, the net is very slow. At times, it also changes the internet settings. It comes with free software well it is not that safe. Adware can be very devious can affect your machine in some oblivion way.

Firstly is the most common of all ad that pops up in the mid of something. A few more are "pop-up" search result related to the keywords you type in any of the websites while you are browsing. A new unset web homepage is visible. Different toolbars appear on your internet page. Bookmarks and favorites list has additions. Different and unfamiliar websites pages are seen even when you type in the familiar name. Some even gross ones are slow start and shut down of the PC unexpected shut down of your PC. Moreover, even the system crashes.


How do adware come on your PC? Then the reason is you. Well Adware is supposed to promote product or a website. Therefore, when you are browsing for something on the net the Adware picks up the keywords and pops up. Once you click on it you get connected to the products website. Thus, you see new websites. Adware slows the net for you because it uses the net to retrieve more ads on the net. This uses up the memory so the system becomes slow and under prolonged effects it leads to system crash.

How to remove an adware if it is present on your PC. You can do that by two ways; manually or by using an anti-adware application. To manually remove the programs you will have to go to the Add/Remove programs utility in the control panel. This gives a list of all the applications, select the one, which seem like the hardware and remove them of your system, to ensure that the adware is removed; restart you PC and see it. To remove adware by software you will have to install one. This is easier to use because in manual removal you might accidentally remove a necessary program. The Anti-virus installed on your machine cannot protect it from adware.

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