Thursday, March 11, 2010

Secure yourself from Cyberbullies

Well when we are in the schooling years, we all have faced something like bullying character. Now they are even existent in the virtual world too. They are actually mean-minds that take an advantage of the communication technology. They use tools like telephones or internet to harm or threat their victims. The problem with such rogues is that they are difficult to deal with. Still one can definitely deal with them.

First, get to know how these scoundrels work. Earlier, bullies used to harass their victims with physical threats, send letters by post or even telephones. When such villains enter the virtual world they abuse the benefits of emails, forms of short messages in text as well as multimedia format, along with web pages. So now they have included the current gadgets to do their old tricks. This can affect a people from any age group right from kids to adults. Most common targets are teenagers and adults in their twenties to thirties. These are the ones who are affected the most.
On top of that they range from lewd texts to pictures later leading to stalking.

The main problem with cyberbullies is that they are not traceable. This is because they are anonymous, thus they gain the sadistic pleasure without the fear of being hunted down. Also, here they do not require any personal grudge to harass their victims who are completely unaware. A lot of damage can be done by spanning the mails or messages over the network. In addition this is faster. Because of these and many more reasons cyberbullying has become a serious issue.


Still how can one protect oneself from such crimes? Here are few ways to deal with it. Limit the number of members who have an access to your contact details like you cell number, your email ids etc.  Also never disclose your habits or your interests etc. on the net; this will reduce the chances of cyber stalking. Also track if any of your details have been leaked to a stranger by your close ones etc. Try to avoid giving elaborative description of yourself on any of the social networking sites etc. Get to know who accesses or visits your profiles; this will make it easier to track the bully.

Do not respond to such threats like answering the mails or messages asking the sender to reveal his or her identity (which won't be done). Best option is to ignore the messages, simply delete them off. If they are coming in hoards then possibly you could get some legal help. Mostly changing your IDs or telephone numbers does solve the problem. Report about the cyberbullying incidences to the respective department, if the situation kind of gets out of your hand. Also keep printed proof of the cyber attacks when getting legal help. Also secure your phones or PCs from the various malware on the net. The cyber criminals can get your information using the spyware etc.

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