Friday, March 26, 2010

Problems Faced In Computer Security

Nowadays, there are number of weapons that can damage your network in different ways. You can protect your network, as well as easily find out what is damaging or violating the security treats of your network. There are vulnerability-scanning tools to detect such viruses. You should be aware of vulnerable spots of your network that people try to hack. There are number of scanning tools available in the market today to secure your application, data and network. Moreover, before anyone tries to hack your computer, you can find them and take action against them, if your network is configured with appropriate settings.


There is vast improvement in the web-based application and hence, there are chances of your application being hacked for exploitation purpose. From a survey, it is revealed that around 70% of non-commercial sites are hacked, as it does not have security vulnerabilities. Such sites are at maximum risk. Moreover, around 40% of the commercial sites are hacked for money, and this disturbs the overall working of the system. The hackers earn plenty of money by hacking any web application. Earlier, there were very less security features involved with any applications. However, this is not as simple as earlier, nowadays.


If you are the one who is developing a web application or an e-commerce website, you definitely wish to secure your application from such hackers. There are many web applications, which constantly update their databases with customer's personal information, payments, etc. This type of application requires more security features, as there can be plenty of bad people, who may be trying to transfer your money. Many times, the code is copied; even it is patented for your application.


Scanning the work before web application is launched, attacks against security threats, and reports the user how he can solve the problem. If the issue is big, then the user needs to contact the network administrator else, he or she has to face the serious problem, if such warnings are ignored. When computer gives user any warning or notifications, he should read it carefully and make appropriately. As a regular user of computer, you need to be aware of basic issues in networking and the working of your computer on network. Educating yourself for little bit technicalities, as if there are little problems, you can solve it, instead of waiting for other people every time you have problem.  


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