Thursday, March 04, 2010

Phishing The Sophisticated Way Of Thefts

Phishing is a cyber crime. However, do you know how rampant it is?  This term is now very common but it does not signify the grave situation that this act is creating.
Phishing is an act of swindling. Under phishing the trickster, actually trick his victims to give away their highly confidential data. Phishing happens on the net. Here they use a combination of technical trick and social engineering.

Phishing is dangerous not only for the victims but also for the organization, these tricksters impersonate. Phishing has blemished the reputation of many institutions.
This in a way affects the economy, as most consumers do not invest in those organizations.  This is making it extremely difficult for the companies to market their ideas. 


Phishing can take place even using malwares, spyware, etc. The phishers or rather hackers use the IT threats as tools to dig out the information that they want. They also design websites in such a way that it resemblances the sites of the one they are imitating. They use graphics so that the website seems real. Now phishing has become a part of everyone's life. If one could reason out why do people get involved in such practices? Phishing is no less that robbing. The phishers use the victim's details to use the benefits, which they claim under the victim's name. Thus the cost is paid by the victim where as the privileges are enjoyed by the phisher. They could make your life hell though it is not your fault. Phishers are actually smart brains doing work in a wrong way.


Well but phishing can be prevented. To prevent phishing one has to be aware and not be victimized. Well one should be attentive about the mails he receives on his mail id. Look out for signs that reveal the whether a mail is from an authorized company or from a fraudulent one. If you do not know anything about it, then you can go to the websites of companies that have suffered. They will explain the signs and help you to avoid a crime or even detect it. One should not declare any of his/her confidential detail through mails or via messaging as these can be tracked easily.

If you are a member of any organization then you should look out for deceiving signs like spelling mistake, change in font sizes, graphics altered and color schemes changed. Install a good anti-virus that will monitor the net data, scan downloads and block malwares, spyware, etc.  

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