Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Security Habits for Data security

The security of your computer and overall the data on it, is depended on many factors. So if any problem arises, then internet is not the only reason. For the data corruption, any computer literate person who may use your PC unauthorized could also hinder the PCs performance and corrupt the important data. Also environmental factors or power fluctuations could corrupt the data. 

You can definitely control the invasion and the harm caused by all the factors listed above. There are a few simple tips that you can convert in to habits and reduce the data corruption drastically. Minimize the number of people accessing your PC and the data stored on it. This will help you identify the people who may purposefully or not gain in-person access to your PC. They could be any one whom you know either friends or may be your family members or your co-workers. So always be alert to the possible threats.


Always remember to lock your machine when you go away from it. Do this even when you are going to be away from your machine only for a few minutes. The duration of a few minutes is enough for any one to delete a few important files. When you lock your machine the one accessing it has to feed the password, which is unknown to him. So ultimately your data can be saved from any deletion or corruption.


Disconnect the data cable from your PC when you are not using the internet. Nowadays most of the technologies enable the gadgets like cable modems and DSL to show their user as online always. This is a convenience, but an excess use of this facility can risky. The risk is that hackers or viruses that are always over the Internet may target your machine.  The jeopardy is high if you or your machine is going to be online always. Another important thing is that you should install an external or internal firewall.


Get to know your security settings. Most applications, like email programs and web browsers offer security features that you can modify as per your requirements. Certain features which enable your convenience may increase the danger or data corruption. So always check on the security settings, select the options that allow you both security and ease to work on net. Be careful when you are going to install any software or upgrades of any software, first get to know whether it will harm you system in anyway.

There are certain factors which are uncontrollable. But you can still do a few things to reduce their impact. Buy a USP or a stabilizer. This is can protect your machine against power fluctuations and power cut outs. Regularly create a backup of your data. This will help you restore any data that might get corrupt and cannot be recovered. If problem persists then Save My System can be best solution for you. Besides reliable and affordable IT security services we also provide data recovery, computer repair, laptop support and website design services. For more details visit our London PC support service site.