Saturday, February 27, 2010

Selecting Proper Tool To Remove Spyware

What do you do prevent your house from dust? Answer is just simple. To keep your house clean, you just remove the dust on a weekly or daily basis. Similar to that it is always advised that Removal of spyware should be part of your weekly routine. It will keep your computer in not only safer but also running better and longer condition.


Most of us think that removal of software is very tedious task. However, if accomplished with proper tools, it is easy one. Nowadays, multitude of spyware removal programs is available in the market for accomplishing this task. However, you have to select program carefully. This is because not all the programs available are potent to accomplish this task up to remarkable level. Furthermore, just do not buy any program because it is cheaper; compare all the things it provides. Have a look, at all available options. Compare all of them and carefully choose the one, which will suit your budget and satisfy all the desired criteria.


Some of programs are freely available yet very potent to remove adware and spyware. On the other hand, several programs, which are quite expensive, are inefficient to do this task. It is like a wonder. But it is the fact. So, you should carefully choose the removal program.


Furthermore, do not just get influenced by brand familiarity. Everyone feels that it is quite ok to rely on a well-known brand. Yes, you probably can. However, when it comes to the task of removing, adware or spyware, you should just see performance and not the brand.  If the best performance and big brand line up together, then it is well and good. However, if not, then go for best performance and not the brand.


It is fact that all the programs designed for the removal of spyware work in a same

way. All these programs have a database for file recognition. This database is utilized to recognize any of the familiar threats. Whilst one is discovered and recognized, it is labeled for deletion or quarantine. The database desires to be kept up to date. This is because malware, spyware and adware keeps constantly changing and evolving.


When user runs a program for removing spyware, first it will scan user's computer files. If it discovers any threats, it will label them and then keep on until all the files get scanned. This may take some period. This depends on the number of files users possess on his computer. When scanning process is completely finished, it will ask what to do with spyware found. The best way is to destroy it. It is also advised to reboot your computer and again repeat this process until all spyware is removed.


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Make Your Laptop Secure From Thieves

It can happen with you in a moment. You're in a café working on your own laptop, minding your own business. However, you take your eye off for a second from your and all of a sudden it is gone.


Sure, your first reaction will be of course upset and panic regarding the lost hardware. Definitely it is most valuable possession. But reaction of the most people will be that mu life is on that laptop. All my info, documents, photos, software, important projects was stored on that. It is very difficult to lose various assorted precious things stored on a laptop. Furthermore, it can be very tedious as well as time-consuming for gaining back all those. It is nearly impossible.  


Nowadays, wide array of software security options is available for all laptop users. Numerous options for preventing people snooping while you are utilizing a public wireless network and locking your laptop against intruders can be utilized. In addition, lots of techniques for wiping or retrieving your data remotely or tracking it down from a particular distance are now available.


  • A strong password formed with at least eight characters and including a combination of lower and upper case letters and numbers or symbols. Remember it must not involve a complete word or your name. Regularly change the password. Do not share the password till the emergency occurs.
  • Protect your laptop from 'walk-by' information theft. Do not let your interfering colleagues to have a crafty peek whilst you go away from your laptop in the boardroom for the meeting break. In XP you can select Start, Log Off for returning to the password prompt and in Vista, select the Start button and after this lock symbol.
  • If your workplace has a VPN (virtual private network), then you can make use of this for sending encrypted data safely over the internet. In the control panel of XP, you can select appropriate network and Internet Connections.
  • Make sure that you have a software firewall in place. Rise up the security level at a public Wi-Fi spot. Select Start then Control Panel and after this Windows Firewall. Then you have to click Change Settings. Here, tick 'Block all incoming connections'. Then install a second firewall. This is really a smart way.
  • When you connect with any un-familiar Wi-Fi network, make sure that it's harmless. Remember corrupt hackers can develop fake Wi-Fi connections in airports or hotels in order to fool people and join them. These ad-hoc networks are capable to captivate information that is sent over the web.
  • Turn off file-sharing and wireless card when not in use.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

An overview of Vulnerabilities

When it comes to computer security, the term vulnerability is a weakness that permits an attacker to diminish Information assurance of the particular system. Vulnerability is the junction of three elements. First element is the flaw or system susceptibility, second one is the attacker access for the flaw and third one is attacker ability to develop the flaw.

For being vulnerable, an attacker should have at least one technique or applicable tool, which will unite it with the system weakness. In such framework, vulnerability is also called as the attack surface.

A security risk can be categorized as vulnerability. Exploit is vulnerability with fully implemented attacks including one or more recognized instances of working.

Now we will look at what are the causes of the vulnerability

  • Complexity- Complex and large systems amplify the probability of unintended access points and flaws.
  • Familiarity- Utilizing well known, common code, operating systems, software or hardware raises the probability of an attacker finding the tools and knowledge to develop the flaw.
  • Connectivity- Additional physical connections, ports, privileges, services and protocols and the time each one of these are accessible amplify the vulnerability.
  • Password management flaws- Most of the computer users make use of weak passwords that can be easily found by brute force. Some times users store the password on their PC where a program is capable for accessing it. Furthermore, users utilize same password for many websites and programs.
  • Essential operating system design flaws- Operating system designer selects to implement sub-optimal policies on program/user management. This operating system flaw can facilitate malware and viruses for executing commands on behalf of the administrator.
  • Internet Website Browsing - Some internet websites can include harmful adware or spyware, which can be installed in automatic manner on the computer systems. If anyone visits those websites, computer becomes infected. After this, spyware starts collecting personal information and it is passed to the third party.
  • Software bugs- The software bug permit the attacker to make unauthorized use of an application.

Most of the software tools exist nowadays that can help in the discovery as well as removal of vulnerabilities in a computer system. These tools can render a finer overview of probable vulnerabilities. You cannot simply rely on scanners. Vulnerabilities are found in each of main operating system including Mac OS, Windows, and diverse forms of Open VMS, UNIX and Linux. The best and smart way to eliminate the probabilities of a vulnerability being utilized against a system is by means of continuous vigilance, together with careful system maintenance. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hackers- A Threat To The Society

We all are generally aware of the term virus, whenever we speak about IT security. Yes, they are a huge threat to the computers and the data stored in them. But have you ever paid attention to the various awful practices done by techies. Such technocrats are called as hacker.

Hackers are said to be people with a good brain going in the wrong direction. They have a bad reputation, all because of media. This actually has been used to call technicians who use the PC to do all sorts of spiteful things like irritating users, anti-social activities like information stealing, forgery, scandalizing companies, etc. These are also believed to go to the extent of entering security services and destroying economy. However, hackers are not very bad.

Hackers are programmers who can notice the internal codes. (They are genius brains). They are curious people who can go up to any level to gain knowledge and get to know how a system works etc. But how do hackers work? They take an advantage of the known bug or errors in popular applications. They claim to give you repair patches that you can down load from the net. Most of these patches have spyware hidden in them. Now most people accept this. This creates a gateway for the hackers to look in to the computer and access data unauthorized. Once they have entered the system virtually they can exploit it any how.

Here is how these hackers do their work. They use certain tools to do their job. Below are listed their methodologies.

Key store record: The spyware, which are installed on the PC, are used to monitor the keystrokes made by the user. This review is mostly converted into a text file which the hackers use to access important data or even use the victim's identity to infiltrate on non accessible sites.

Passwords hacking: One can hack anyone's password. There are many ways in which one can do this. This need not mean that some one actually sees you typing it. Instead it ranges right from wild guesses to using algorithms. The algorithms create a list of possible combinations of numeric and character data. There are two types of trial and error methods viz. brute force attack or dictionary attack.

To avoid unauthorized entry to your PC here are a few simple tips. At first, never download any patch or a program if the source is unknown. Keep changing your passwords often. Better to change your password whenever you suspect that it is stolen. Use a good antivirus that eliminates spyware and malwares.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Removal of Spyware Threat

Spyware! Almost everyone is aware about this threat. Spyware usually gets installed as a component of a third party software package, devoid of the user's awareness. After getting installed in PC, it starts collecting information regarding the browsing habits of users. Sometimes it may not only monitor but also track other private information. Nowadays the term 'Spyware' is used for any software that operates without permission of the user. Furthermore, it benefits a third party.

Followings are some direct effects of spyware.

  • Monitors internet activity
  • Adds affiliate links into shopping portals
  • Installs other third party applications
  • Adjoin new favorite links, homepages and icons
  • Slow PC
  • Steels identity

Most of the times our system gets infected with Adware/Spyware and we cannot even notice it. Furthermore, it is quite tedious for any average user to make attempts for eliminating the software. The companies, which distribute Spyware software generally, claim that the end user has granted to this monitoring while installing a particular software application. Yet, complex and large user agreements disfigure the actual actions of the spyware.

Internet explorer browser and Microsoft Windows are the preliminary targets for Spyware. This is because they are most preferred software choice for the majority of people. Making use of an alternative browser or operating system can help to minimize the risk of spyware. This is not the ultimate option but it will reduce the risk as it is less common. Most familiar route of infection is downloading and running applications through internet.  

While using your PC, if you see any unwanted toolbar or advertisements in your browser, then it is possible that your PC has infected with some form of spyware. Users have to take that some preventive measures or sensible precautions must be followed while using the downloading and internet software. If your PC is infected with spyware then it can be removed in straight forward manner by making use of the correct tools.

However, a recent trend for some Spyware products is to distribute themselves as new Spyware Removal Tools. This is of course extremely harmful. For this it is necessary to combine effective Firewall, Anti-Spyware tools and Anti-Virus applications for complete PC protection. Remember a single application is not potent to protect your PC from all three threats.

The smart way to prevent your PC from spyware is to stop it from installing itself in initial stages. Furthermore, download from reliable sites only, - don't download from just anywhere. Use a good firewall application. This will help you to keep eye on any suspicious internet activity.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

How an Anti-Virus Works

You have bought a PC, got the net connection. Your vendor advises you to buy Antivirus software, which you do promptly and install it on your PC. One fine day you are doing you work on the computer suddenly you see a flash that a virus has been caught. It recommends you to delete it. Well then your virus scan is working properly. But ever wondered how it actually the antivirus works?

Well then here is how the anti virus works. The antivirus carries out some scans which are as following:


One method is signature checking. This is the most commonly used by antivirus programs. The software detects malicious coercion. Actually the software has a wide database of known viruses Spywares and malwares. So each time the software scans a file simultaneously compares it with names registered in the data base. If the Software finds a resembling or and exact match of the files signature then it considers that as virus.  It holds this file as a quarantine file. Now that is actually encryption. The software encrypts the file in such a way that it is rendered useless for the user. Thus there is only one way out that is permanent deletion of the file.  But as there are new types of viruses lurking around the software database has to be updated at regular interval to detect threats.

Next method is called as behavior monitoring. This is another way of detecting viruses on your PC. In this method the anti virus is constantly scanning the behavior of all the files active. If any program is attempting to access the root kit of any program or modify any exe file, then this activity of the malicious program sets the trigger. This activates the assertion and takes the necessary steps. This methodology of working is a good one as this can detect the virus only by monitoring its behavior. However, it can be irritating if it constantly alarms the user about every single activity. 


Third method is called Emulation. It is the third most commonly used. It catches threats or viruses by simulation. It experiments with the files behavior in a virtual runtime environment. If a threatening file is on the system it takes its prototype and runs it in the virtual environment. If it finds that this file could be hinder the PC's working then it quarantines it immediately or asks the user to decide about it.
This was the working of the Anti-Virus software.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Protect Your PC From IT Threats

Well if you have a PC and using it to download your favorite music files from internet or performing payments disclosing your account details. Probably, you need tips on how to protect it.

Firstly install a good and efficient anti-virus available in market. For that you could consult a nearby computer vendor for that. Do some research about the product that you are intending to buy? Simplest way to do so; is ask the vendor. Ask how many customers trust that product. Do this to avoid the risk of virus attacks on your PC. You could choose from the range that is suitable for your system's configuration and your pocket. You may also try free software or trial packages.

Remember to update your software regularly. This is important for the extended life of your anti-virus software. There is an obvious reason this action. Daily a new threat is created. To combat those threats the s/w has to be upgraded. The software once installed without updates can not protect your machine in the long run. If you are confused from where to get these updates, then you can even turn on the automatic updates option (that installs update involuntarily).

If you are always keen on installing add-ons like flash player etc. then do so, but only from trustable sites. Hang on to brand names e.g. Adobe and Microsoft etc. many websites offer luring installations, avoid them totally. At times they are hosting spyware or Trojans. So pay attention to what you are downloading or saving on your PC.

If you are receiving mails from unknown sources just select such mails and delete them. If you are not sure you could open them but do not download any attachments. For this you can also create filters that do not add such mails in your inbox. Jukebox sites specifically that allow you to download songs mostly sport some funny ads like "dress up the girl or make a match". They make ludicrous offers. Later they demand your details. Beware of such ads! Most phishing incidents happen due to this. If by mistake you have done this then change your passwords immediately. Make use of passwords that sound out of world.

Set your antivirus to do regular scans. Allow the scanner to look through your files for virus threats regularly. At least once a week should also help. This can help your PC run without problem. Scan every equipment you attach to your PC. Nowadays such attachments are available with everyone. So the risk is always lurking close by.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Viruses - Threat For Your PC

It is highly irritating when your PC has an error. Errors which simply stps software from running smoothly or your computer from even starting. On top of this if your system is connected to the internet, your PC is the most susceptible host for adware, viruses, spyware and other malicious software.


Any newbie who is operating a PC can definitely fix certain errors (by trials). What one should know is that what you want to remove and are doing it in the correct way. You should also use the correct tool or software to remove it. This can be a very tedious thing to do if you are not a tech savvy. So here, you can get a note about the various threats that exists on the internet and may harm your PC.

Adware a threat on the internet. It is not as harmful as the spyware, but is very annoying. Adware is actually advertising software. These mostly are taken attached to free downloads or software updates which are quite popular. The result of this you constantly see pop-up ads or flash screens even if you are not connected to the Net. Now these are pretty annoying for a person who actually wants to work. Such pest acts can actually make you hate the companies or the developers who have constructed the adware.

Next and most important is Spyware. Spyware can be stated as the most hazardous infection which attacks the PC until now. Spywares like the name suggests are actually track recorders. Using this one can easily steal your data that is stored on the PC. Biggest threat for online banking facility.  The transactions and the bank account details could be accessed illegally.


Windows users are the ones who are attacked the most. Reason for this is that Windows keeps something called as registry files. These are like entry registers. These registries could contain invalid entries which mostly cause the application crash or show constant error messages. Removal of these registry entries is the best option for smooth working of your PC


A Trojan virus or the Trojan horse virus is the next most common type of virus. So one should know how to avoid it and know how it works? Trojan virus gets its name from the Trojan war (an epic according to Greek mythology). The Trojan virus works like the soldiers who actually hid inside a horse and caught the enemy unaware. Like wise a Trojan virus actually hides in a program that appears safe. Once you run the program it opens its shell and infects the files or the PC.

If the PC does not have any net connection, then a virus could gain entry on your PC by someone inserting data that could be infected by viruses.

The above given was a brief of the threats to your PC. To remove these threats and to block them all you have to do is load a good anti virus software. SaveMySystem provides IT security and are just a few steps away. SaveMySystem also provides best service for London PC repairs and for data recovery.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get to know, what Piracy is

Too good is bad. This statement is proved to be true, every now and then. With the out burst in the digital world. Too many types of equipment in the market that provide many features in the cost of worth half of its every feature.  The digital equipments are now growing smaller in cost and size. Each up coming instrument is becoming more and more complex. Yes these are privileges if used neatly with responsibility. But malfunctioning brains use such devices for ill means. They are using such tools to rob data, to steal originality.
Consider one spends hard earned money in creating something (for e.g. a feature film or a software application).They, then, try to recover that amount spent by selling you the original. After all it is his business. But some ill minds make use of portable CD writers / readers or camcorders (a combination of still camera and video recorder) to create their cheap duplicates. They make many copies of such things and sell them for a rate absolutely less than 50% of what the originals cost. But it is a huge market funding in many ill practices world wide (like terrorism). This is known as piracy. It is actually stealing. So beware of such mal-practices. Knowingly or unknowingly every one is dealing into this.  If you think that you could be just borrowing it. Then think again, borrowing things is different. It is like taking rights on that thing for some time. But stealing is so not good. Piracy steals one's rights of originality. It takes away all the credit and hard work put in by the creators.
Some even ill minds load in viruses on such copies that access the personal data of its consumer. This has been the very reason of top secrets leaking out. Leading to many in-human events and massacres. And these will continue as long as the data pirates are going to be around. How to stop them? If you are thinking about this, then the answer is simple. Make a promise to your self that you will not participate in such customs.  All you have to do is go to a certified vendor. Ask for the original soft wares and supports.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Save Your System from hackers

One of the biggest selling point of windows 7 is the friendly options and flexible. Earlier versions of windows used to prompt for every now and then which used to be very irritating. Microsoft made biggest change in User Account Control. Moreover, to give more protection user should install anti-virus program for e-mail. Securing your email account is most important, as it is the easiest way for hackers to crash your system. It is usual tendency of people whenever we get something in our account we open it unknowing without taking a close look. Many times, we get spam emails and you wonder from where they got your email-address. However, now you know the answer.

You can even use spam-blocking emails to block the junk mails. This software can be used with all standard e-mail clients. Your User Account control is the only source which hackers can enter and crash your system. So, prevent your account. Do necessary changes in the program, if necessary. The account settings are more flexible in Windows Vista than Windows 7. Not every task requires administrative privileges so you can make your changes from control panel. You will get prior notifications before making any settings. You can adjust your account with four different ways as auto accept prompt only, create administrative mode shortcuts, disable Blackout screen, prompt for administrators images only.

On the other hand, people are even unaware of the fact that mere browsing can reveal personal information about you. Whenever, you visit a website, it gets your IP address, which is the unique number of your computer on the network. This gives the clue about your location. The browser can even send this information to other applications of which you may not be even aware. Through this, even it can reach your email address on the server. However, this fact is mostly ignored and hence the computer hacking problem occurs. Don't ignore such problems as don't allow hackers to get your personal information.

Cookies are simple text files that get stored in computers temporary memory. The same information, which was requested by user in the same session, is collected from cookie. Some websites store password in the cookie that you don't want other people to use who sniff on your computer. Use the program that monitors your file system whether your system is storing the password or not. While entering password use correct security options. When you click on back button of the browser, the other user who sits on your computer should not be able to view your email inbox. If you make appropriate browsing selecting then you can avoid such problems.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Note on Spyware Removal

Yes! You must have heard about Spyware! When we talk about Spyware, we refer to software that enters into our computer network or system undetected. Furthermore, it starts to display various advertisements called as adware. Spyware is capable of tracking sensitive or personal information online. However, this does not essentially mean that all software, which tracks personal online usage activity or renders ads is bad.


Spyware is virtually undetected and un-regulated because it interrupts the system. Moreover, it utilizes personal resources in your system for setting up a hold on your power, bandwidth, memory as well as other data. It exploits all this to work as an outside entity at the cost of your privacy. Spyware is capable to gather all information regarding e-mail addresses. Even passwords and credit card details etc. critically important and private info is collected by spyware.


Spyware removal is quite easy if we use proper spyware removal tools. Spyware secretly monitors all your Internet and computer activities whilst adware is able to bombard your computer with numerous unnecessary advertising. Both these activities can compromise your security and drain your network bandwidth.


After collecting all private data, spyware reports all your online actions to the advertising website provider for storage. In addition, those sites analyze this information for malicious use. After this, Spyware renders embark on a campaign for feeding your computer with un-solicited advertising. Spyware as well as Viruses both come under the category "malicious software".


A virus is a tiny particulate of computer code in terms of technical language. It is a miniature computer program. In simple words, it attempts to travel from one computer to another by means of email attachments or even via the Internet. Spy ware, Viruses, worms and Trojan programs can cause drastic financial damage to organizations or even individuals via data deletion. Beyond this, network computer downtime, loss of productivity, bandwidth consumption and IT administrative overhead can cause serious damage to organizations.


As these attacks become more malicious and dynamic in nature, organizations are enforced to look past client-based security. In addition, they seek to stop viruses prior to their chance to impose damage. Nowadays, many spyware removal tools are available in the market. One such effective tool is Spyware Secure. This can actively analyze spy ware and adware installations by means of On Guard Protection feature. It works in effective and efficient manner by detecting variance in browser-hijackings, system memory, cookies manipulation and other alterations in internal security settings.


Spyware removal tools can fight spyware by rendering scanning, real-time protection, and entire removal of spyware that is present in your system. If you intend to seek some aid in spyware removal then Save My System can render best solution. We offer all sort of computer security, data recovery services at reasonable charges. To know more about us you can contact our laptop support center.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Updates for Forefront security suite from Microsoft

Microsoft has launched two additional pieces of its Forefront suite as part of its policy identity technology and to unite security and develop software that stretches not only cross clients, but also servers as well as the network edges. The company has prepared its Forefront (TMG) Threat Management Gateway 2010 available. Company authorities have released to manufacture Forefront (UAG) Unified Access Gateway 2010. This Unified Access Gateway will be usually available next year.


These two pieces of security software play crucial role in a comprehensive plan for integrating identity and security products of Microsoft under the Forefront brand. It offers software as service versions. In addition to this for corporate infrastructure software, it renders a complete layered defense of control and access. This complete platform will encompass third-party products, Active Directory and Forefront software. Furthermore, it includes a management console known as Forefront Protection Manager.


Two key driving endeavors are to make identity a main part of what security is growing into and what it should be. The comprehensive plan put forward in April, is succeeding slower than what was planned, mostly owing to the console component.


Role of Threat Management Gateway is to act like a Web access gateway. It prevents all users from malicious sites.  Moreover it allows companies to block particular categories of sites like gambling. Threat Management Gateway is the first Microsoft product intended for integrating with Reputation services of Microsoft, a cloud-based service that combine threat data.


Reputation Services is nothing but a strong database of information gathered from billions of web pages and 45 million Web domains. It also encompasses data from several sources like Windows live security platform and Hotmail. A group of partners comprises M8e6, FutureSoft, and Brightcloud. The other part of the suite is UAG. It includes functionalities that can extend Direct Access to non-Windows 7 clients even. With UAG, users are capable to extend to Vista and XP. UAG is the technology acquired by Microsoft when it purchased Whale Communications that will provide extravagant support for remote access of PCs as well as mobile devices.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Securing your computer by Anti-virus

Just think about your computer as home. What we do to keep our house secure? We lock our house and do not give the keys to any unknown person. Moreover, some of us may install a security system. The same thinking can be applied to computers.  You should always select strong passwords that no one can break. On the other hand, when your computer is linked to Internet, it starts communicating with the Internet Server. Anyone can capture the information when it is traveling across network from your computer to server. The solution is to add firewalls or anti-virus programs to your computer. It will improve the encryption level while the data is transforming over network. These are some things that you ought to know.

First thing to solve the problem of computer security is first getting aware of some computer technologies and how it works. Once you come to know the basic things about Internet, you will be able to detect the problem and if possible you can even come up with the solution. You will be able to use internet more responsibly and safely. When anyone sends an email, browse on the computer, instant messages, it does not go to the receiver's computer directly. It goes from one computer to another and still another and so on. To avoid future problems just keep your system patched, take care while reading attachments of emails and most importantly install Anti-Virus programs.   

Computer security involves security of physical computers as well as networks. The main aim of security is protecting sensitive and personal information from corruption, natural disasters and thefts. On the other hand, the authenticated user should be able be able to access it from wherever and whenever he wants. It includes collective processes and mechanisms. Computer security is completely based on logic. Mostly computer applications are built by keeping in mind to impose certain restrictions on the program's behavior. There are several aspects to it.

Computer security represented by three Initials C for confidentiality, I for integrity and A for authentication and availability. Confidentiality includes which parties are allowed to access what information. In normal terms, it is all about IT security, privacy and secrecy. Integrity includes unauthorized changes is protecting information against unauthorized changes or deletion. Authentication is about user's level of permissions over information and available means resources should be available to authorized parties.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Threat to your Wi-Fi

The major tool of transferring information from the Internet has certainly undergone certain changes. The most current is the advancement in wireless or wire free communication or the Wi-Fi. Now one can browse on the net or check his or her –emails, etc. on either airports, libraries or even coffee shops. Something similar to your mobile phones.

Unfortunately, disagreeable activities like stealing are predictably making its entry even in the Internet. Earlier one had to pay for the internet connections. Now things have changed. Still someone could be using your Wi-Fi unauthorized.

Basically, the wireless network is made of a broadband Internet connection from any of the suppliers modem either a DSL, satellite or a cable modem. You can then attach the connected modem to a wireless router. The router will transmit the signal and create a network system. The router also can be your DHCP server. The DHCP holds a list of IP addresses and the MAC address of computers it is to serve to.  Now this is LAN or Wi-Fi.

Now if your wireless network suddenly starts working slowly. Especially for a certain time period, then possibly you have someone stealing your Wi-Fi. Basically during your routers installation, you can set a wireless encryption protocol (WEP) key. This is nothing but a password-protected method for you to register into your own wireless network. If you have not set one then most probably, you're operating an open network. So because of this any one can use your wireless for free if he or she is in the range. To clear your doubts about this, just crosscheck it by first going to the My Network Settings on your PC and then check the go to View Entire Network. If you find more number of computers connected than the allowed limit than you have allowed, be assured that you have a Wi-Fi thief lurking close by.  You can also check your DHCP table settings. You can view your DHCP client table. The DHCP will make a list of all the PCs connected in you network. Check the list and if the user number exceeds than the set-up ones. Then no doubt that someone is using your Wi-Fi.

A WEP key is must for any wireless network set up; however, even those are susceptible to hacking. You can manually assign IP addresses for your net work and let the DHCP server take care of the internet packet supply. This will avoid any other computers from entering your LAN.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

IT Security! A must for your systems

Now a days all jobs are simplified with the advancements of internet. You can pay your bills online, do online shopping, buy movie tickets, and pay for your travels online, manage your bank accounts and details, and every thing online. So allow the Internet to become your help using your PCs or Mobile/Cell phones.

Are you scared to do the above and much more? Why? Are you scared that another person could use your important details? OR are your scared that your PC or your cell phone might just stop working because of various virus threats?

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In these times, one can access the internet not only from PCs but also from mobile or cell phones. Mobile phones are, now a days not just used to communicate, but also for storing sensitive data. Data stored on the cell phones is infact most vulnerable to virus threats. Viruses can even corrupt your cell phones, by gaining entry through blue tooth. So like your systems, cell phones too require the anti virus security. We can definitely help you get the best common security that works efficiently on both, your PCs as well as cell phones. We provide security software not just for individual users but also for corporate or multiple users.

So stop worrying that your important data, account passwords and bank details might be stolen and used illegally. All you have to do is ask for our services. We can guide you to the product you require. Mostly these do not even cost much. Certain free soft wares are also available with us. You can try these free soft wares initially. And determine which one is the best for your System?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be alert! ‘Evil Maid’ can attack your system!

Evil Maid! Does the name sounds familiar to? Have you faced any issues related to this? This is a new sort of assault to the system of disk encryption. The attack is made with the motive to make it clear. This has been published recently by the great efforts of a blog team named as, Invisible Things

This attack utilizes a small piece of malware for altering the un-encrypted boot loader for an encrypted disk. After this when the user next makes the entry of the pass phrase needed for the disk encryption, and then it is stashed away and recorded in the un-encrypted fraction of the disk for recovery to be done afterwards. The process of implementing the attack includes couple of stages. At first the attacker requires physical access to the particular machine for installing the malware. Currently, it uses a bootable USB stick for the purpose. After this there is need to wait till the legitimate user initializes the laptop by means of logging in, whilst the pass phrase getting recorded. Then the attacker returns back to make the laptop safe with the knowledge of having access to the pass phrase.

Employees or hotel staff like crooks or maids could make use of this kind of attack against several corporate laptops that are used in hotel rooms or company. The big issue with this is the boot process. In the nonexistence of secure hardware like a TPM can be an un-trusted path giving rise to a big issue.

There are numerous probable defenses for this attack. The most apparent way to guarantee the integrity as well as physical security of the laptop can be in big question. Surprisingly, the most obvious reason people go for disk encryption is their inability to do this practically. Another possible way to defense this attack is use of a BIOS boot password for prohibiting access of the laptop to restricted members only. This will protect any booting from any kind of un-known media. This is simple however, offers limited protection only. An attacker is can remove the boot drive for modifying it by using own laptop.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

ARP Spoofing Malware can steal your Traffic!

Have you heard about ARP Spoofing? ARP spoofing is also named as ARP poisoning. It is a novel technique utilized for attacking an Ethernet network. This technique permits the attackers to modify the traffic, sniff data frames on a LAN (local area network) or even stop the traffic overall. Most of the frequent computer and Internet users are quite familiar with this ARP Spoofing technique. It is renowned and very well understood in the entire security community. The mere understanding of this technique can result into development of technologies for combating with this attack.


Firstly we will look at what is ARP? It is the Address Resolution Protocol. ARP is the particular and specific way for locating a hardware address of device whilst only the network address is acknowledged. Furthermore, it is not an Ethernet or IP only type of protocol. It can be utilized in several other environments. Yet owing to the occurrence of Ethernet or IP environments it is principally utilized for translating an IP Addresses into particular Ethernet MAC Address. You are able to get a more detailed description about the entire protocol.

This technique comprises of sending spoofed or fake Address Resolution Protocol messages in to the Ethernet LAN. The goal is to boast devices on the network correlate the MAC address of the attacker through the IP address of other host in the network that diverts all the target intended traffic towards the machine of the attacker. In several cases the attacker targets a specific piece or service of entire network infrastructure like a proxy server or default gateway. If unbeaten, any traffic intended for the target IP address gets diverted at the host of attacker instead. After this attacker can choose to forward this entire traffic towards the actual host, boasting recorded the data potentially modified or intercepted. ARP spoofing technique can also be utilized for a successful denial of service attack through correlating a non-existent MAC address by way of the targeted IP address.

ARP Spoofing is a kind of attack that is generally underestimated. ARP Spoofing Malware can create a great problem. Most of the malware Authors have started to implement this technique for stealing information as well as for injecting malicious traffic.


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Monday, February 08, 2010

Want to remove macro viruses from system?

All computer users pay attention! Antivirus vendors have found out new worms that can cripple your system. This worm sets a registry entry and lowers the Microsoft office security. First one is the WM97/Adenu-A. It is the worm and reduces the security level for Microsoft Office settings by making the registry entry shown below:


Furthermore, this worm disables the important menu options like Tools/ Templates and Add-Ins, Tools/ Macro, and Tools/ Customize in Microsoft Word. This worm generates the GbcHS4664.VBS file located in the Windows system folder and thus sets a registry entry. This macro virus deletes all the user macros included in the document. Owing to this, MS word application is terminated when the Visual Basic Editor is accessed.

XM/Laroux-Fam is a group of viruses infecting the Excel 95 spreadsheet files. All the members of this group are simple viruses alike the first Word macro viruses. They enclose couple of macros, generally named as check files and auto open. When the infected document is opened the auto open macro is run. It simply instructs Excel to call upon the check files macro whenever a new worksheet is made active.

Whilst this happens, the virus generates a PERSONAL.XLS file in the XLSTART directory and copies down the viral macros in it. Whenever Excel is run, this file is automatically opened. This is very alike to NORMAL.DOT. File of Word. After this, every workbook utilized is targeted. If the PERSONAL.XLS file infects then whenever Excel sheet is opened, the virus will be loaded.

Another worm alert is for WM97/ZWMVC-B. This is a simple macro virus. For the infected VBA module and utilizes the name "zwmvc_macro". After this, the message "Yet Again Porn Error" is displayed whenever clean document is infected or an infected document is opened.

W32.HLLW.Graps is a network-aware worm. It has backdoor capabilities. It unlocks port 45836 by default for listening. This worm replicates itself to all available network shares.  It connects with weak passwords and copies itself.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Importance of IT security

Information security is all about protecting sensitive data or personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, access, modification, disruption and destruction. Information assurance, computer security or even information security are different terms but they share same goal. Three important aspects of IT security include confidentiality, Integrity and availability. Confidentiality is unauthorized disclosure of information of system or individuals. For example, while making a credit card transaction on the Internet, transmitting credit card number to merchant for process transaction. In such a case, if the card number is obtained by any how then there is breach of confidentiality. Even someone looking over your shoulder and taking look at your computer screen when confidential data is being displayed on your screen then it is also considered as breach of confidentiality.     

Second aspect of IT security is Integrity which means data cannot be modified without authorization. This is a different concept than referential integrity in databases. For example, employee should not be able to change his salary by himself though he should be able to view it. IT security must protect information throughout its life span from the initial creation until the disposal of information. It should be protected even when it is in motion or when it is in rest. Information can pass through many processes in the life span. Each component which is processing the information must have its own protection method. There can be logical controls, physical controls and even administrative controls. The security layers are like layers of onion. Each level of security requires authentication and authorization of its own.

You will require extra security in fields like finance and law. The security depends on the type of business you are in. The sound business principles in legal ethical manner should be taken care of. You should implement a system that will give company and business information to trading partners, customers and employs and suppliers in secured manner, each one get information which is relevant to him. Though this interconnection offers many benefits but also increase great deal of risk.  

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