Monday, March 08, 2010

Secure Your Computer From Viruses

Computer viruses can strike your system at any moment. Viruses attack on your computer system by destroying data. They simply make your system useless. Simple means to fight with virus is to widen the scope of your knowledge of hidden malicious codes. There are three basic formulas for malicious codes. Viruses are nothing but a small program that replicates itself with the intention of some damage. Trojan Horses are masked as gifts. They can come as an attachment from your friend or known address in email. Once Trojan horse masked in attachment is opened its purpose is to cause damage to targeted system.

Besides above two attacks you must have heard about worms. They cause harm by copying themselves not only on individual systems but also over networks. These hazardous codes alter several systems within a network. Now we will look at what are the symptoms of an infected system. Pop up messages, Strange PC behavior, random graphics, decrease or increase of data in a file, files being deleted, slow booting etc are some symptoms of your system infected with virus.

The best means to find and eliminate viruses is the installation of trustworthy and popular anti virus software. These programs are capable of not only identifying infections but also promptly removing them. These programs get installed easily. Furthermore, a configuration wizard runs after the accomplishing the computers re-boot. This software renders wide array of choices that give you the finer and efficient virus scanning options. You must update the software for keeping up with all the latest viruses. The user friendly configuration of these software let anyone to use it in very efficient and convenient manner.

Now you may think what should be done to prevent virus infection if anyone does not have anti virus software installed on his computer? Then we must give a grand salute to the Internet. If you do not have any antivirus software then just go over the Internet and choose carefully the free virus scanning services. Make sure that you to choose perfect and reliable solution for your system that will scan your hard drive for detecting any malicious codes. If you are thinking to buy one then go through all available choices in the market. Choose the reliable and secure software that will suit your system and fit your pocket. Spend enough time before spending your money in purchasing anti-virus software.

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