Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thinking About Securing Your Home Computer

Home computer is always a popular target for hackers, because we generally ignore safety of home computers. We think as if people can't have physical access to our computer means it is safe and we tend to save password and other sensitive information on the computer like bank account number. However, this is not true. Though, people don't have physical access they can access it from network you are connected to. By stealing your online back account number and password intruders can buy services and goods for themselves. It's not only about money related issues; hackers even access your computer devices like processor, internet connection, hard disk space. Your computer can be used to attack other computers etc.


You need to take care as if they are not found, they cannot be stopped. Home computers are easy to break into. High speed internet connections are always turned on therefore they can be quickly found and attack your home computers. These hackers once get access your computer they install some programs on your computer unknowingly that make them able to access your computer even when you have shutdown your computer. You need to pay attention to your home computer's security. Install few programs that will keep intruders away from your computer.


There are few must have tools to saving your system from computer hackers. Computer security involves stopping unauthorized users from using your system and it even includes taking preventing measures. Detection is another technology that determines whether anyone is trying to break your system even they are not successful. A firewall is software program that protect your computer from hackers who might try to destroy information on your computer. Most do thing for your home computer is turn on this firewall. Whenever, you install anti-virus on your computer, make sure they are updated as the latest version can give protection against malicious activities that happens online.


If you have windows operating system, making its regular updates will be reliable and simple. These updates provide security vulnerabilities. It even provides automatic update option that you can turn on for automatic updates. Due to which all your online activities like shopping, investment will become completely secure. Spyware is software that protects your computer against malicious use. Even update this software regularly when they prompt you for new updates. Install a firewall according to your operating system if you don't have. Before install check whether it is already installed and you forgot to turn on. Most of the windows has built in firewalls.


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