Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Rid Of Computer Viruses

Conventional anti-virus software is capable to stop known computer viruses only. That is why task of eliminating undefined computer viruses needs a different approach. Earlier, whenever new virus threat knocked the doors, network administrators applied new virus signatures. Surely, these signatures will help to get rid of a known threat. However, this takes some time for anti-virus manufacturers to develop them. However, the latest and most hazardous viruses can spread so faster that the harm is done prior to development and distribution of signature.


"MyDoom" computer virus in January 2004 produced mass disruption for corporate reputations and resources. It was quickly spreading by means of e-mail networks worldwide. In its peak, this hazardous virus MyDoom infected almost 20% e-mails transmitted through the Internet. This worm broke all the records set by earlier malware attacks.


Looking at this scenario of recent malware threats, organizations and corporations have understood a painful yet crucial lesson. They have become aware of the fact that only organizing a signature-based solution is not enough at all. Discovering and removing computer viruses needs a rapid-response and multi-faceted approach that conventional anti-virus protection could not give. A single un-protected computer on an network can be a cause of the entire system break down in just few minutes. It will make the up-to-date and most expensive software useless.


Nowadays, World Wide Web has made our life easier and convenient. Earlier telephone was the most convenient message tool. Now, in most of the organizations and companies e-mail has been extensively utilized instead of telephone. Sadly, e-mail has become a victim of its own victory. It presents an ultimate threat to the organization network.


Some type of protection is required particularly for e-mail. The best place to prohibit a threat is prior it gets inside the entire network. Therefore, e-mail gateway is the perfect place where the protection should be applied. This task of protecting the e-mail gateway needs a well-organized effort to fight with several issues including viruses, denial of service attacks, spam, corporate policy infringements, snooping, directory harvest attacks, phishing and spoofing.


Enterprises and organizations are seeking aid of multiple vendors for solving their e-mail security problems. Modern attacks from numerous kinds of worms and computer viruses have had reflected effects on computer systems all across the globe. What is needed is to stop the threats at gateway itself to avoid further damage. After all everyone is aware of how dangerous virus attacks are and how much they cost.


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