Monday, March 22, 2010

Spyware Attack

Imagine you are working on your computer and the spyware is installed on your computer without your knowledge? What will you do? While surfing, if you go to malicious websites, then chances of your computer getting installed with spyware are more. Unlike viruses and worms, spyware does not spread directly. In general, an infected system does not try to pass on the infection to other computers. Spyware is installed on a system by means of exploitation of software vulnerabilities or via deception of the user.


Most of the times, spyware is installed on your computer without your knowledge. Since most of the people are becoming more concerned regarding the security, most of the spyware are masquerade as security software. Most of the tech savvy people tend not to install software, which will compromise their privacy or disrupt their working environment. Many times users tend to go free software downloads offered on various sites. This is the point where chances of vulnerabilities are more.


Most of the times, the distributor of spyware presents the program usually in the format of a useful utility. For example if any one sees free download for a helpful software agent or "Web accelerator", then surely people become eager to see what is it. They surely try to access or download it. If the users attempts to download and install the software devoid of immediately monitoring whether it is reliable or not, then chances of the system getting vulnerable are high.


Furthermore, nowadays, spyware come bundled under other software. If any user installs or downloads a program the probability of the installer in addition installs the spyware. Even though the desirable software cannot harm, however bundled spyware can damage your system. Several spyware infects a system by means of security holes in the other software or Web browser itself. If the user navigates to a Web page, which is controlled by the spyware author, then the page containing the code attacks the Web browser. It forces the web browser to download and install spyware. In addition, some spyware author has great knowledge of commercially available firewall and anti-virus software.


The spyware installation often involves Internet Explorer. The history and popularity of security issues have made spyware the most common problem. The deep integration of spyware with the Windows environment makes it obvious for making attack to Windows. Spyware that interferes with networking software in common can cause problems while connecting to the Internet.


It is better to avoid free software downloads without checking the reliability of the software. Many spyware removal tools are available nowadays. In addition, numerous firms offer expert aid in this concern. It is always advised to go for expert aid rather than doing it at your own. If you are seeking some aid in this concern or facing some problem with your system then Save My System can help you. We provide reliable services for data recovery, IT security, computer support and Wireless network. For more details, you can contact our London Laptop support center.