Monday, March 15, 2010

Database Security: Essential For Every Company

There is an important peculiarity between data security and network security. Database security has not gained more attention like other security technologies have. Network monitoring, SSL-secured communications, application hardening, network-layer firewalls have gained more attention and utility as compared to database security. However, protection of data requires being in its appropriate place as it plays major role of the core element in a complete security infrastructure. The awareness about encryption technologies for protecting critical corporate data is increasing extensively.


Most of the time, organizations do not realize the prospective amount of risk related with sensitive information in databases. After running an internal audit, they become aware how important it is. Internal audit provides all details about who has accessed sensitive data. From this scenario anyone can understand how much it will cost for a company if any internal employee for example, DBA (database administrator), having complete access to database information misuses it. Furthermore, the negative effect of media coverage regarding any security contravene can be and market value of company.


After an audit conducted, in a large global investment bank for its proprietary banking data showed that more than hundred employees had administrative access for operating system database and nearly twelve DBAs were having unrestricted access to key sensitive databases. After this audit report, it was decided that access to proprietary information in the database would not be given to employees who did not need approved and specific access for accomplishing their specified task.


While finding ways for protecting sensitive database information, the care should be taken that the privacy protection process will not stop authorized persons from gaining the necessary data at the appropriate instance. Furthermore, it is important to have application transparent database security solution. In other words, there is no need to make any alterations to the fundamental applications. Low support costs and faster implementations are the major benefits of organizing application-transparent database security.


A secure audit- trail for reporting and tracking actions performed with confidential data are a key aspect that should be considered while acquiring a database security solution. Beyond this capability to work around applications, ease in implementation and fast performance is the additional attributes that should be addressed while going for a database security technology. IT security professionals always recommend carefully securing and encrypting sensitive database information at the data-item level for to guaranteeing outstanding performance.


One of the efficient ways for developing reliable database security is identifying that securing data is necessary for a critical business objectives, company's profitability and reputation. Database security is necessary for each company. Many options are available today. What you need is to carefully choose one for your organization according to need budget and security level.


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