Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Firewalls- What Is It?

Computer viruses can be reason behind data loss on your PC. While surfing online chances are there that hackers may be accessing your computer at the same time. They just want to access your personal or to destroy contents on your system. Networks consist of more than two connected computers along with internet access. The internet is an extensively huge network of computers that share data all across the globe. Firewalls can be either hardware like a router or software. Firewalls exist in your hard drive. It is like a safeguard between your internet and computer.


This safeguard inspects outgoing and incoming data to make sure that nothing is either leaving or entering your system until you have approved it. The firewall denies entry of any suspicious incoming data. Furthermore, the same is true for unauthorized information leaving your system.


If you are tech savvy who love to surf on internet or have the business on the Internet, then you must seriously consider about installing firewall software on your system. If you are using Windows XP then you can activate built in firewall software. Click on Start, and then select My Network Places. After this, choose View Network Connection link. Now you have to right click on the icon of your internet connection. Then click properties. Here, you have to select the advanced tab. Now you have to check the network checkbox and protect my computer option. After this click, apply. With this few simple steps, it is possible to activate your firewall software, which will protect your system.


It is recommended to utilize protect your computer by installing both firewall and anti- virus software. Even if your operating system has in-built firewall software, then also it I suggested to go for a more powerful utility. If you want to enjoy your computer full-fledge without any hassle and scare of hackers then install your firewall software as soon as possible.


The basic task of firewall is to control the flow of traffic between computer networks at distinct trust levels. Internet is the best example for this where there is no trust zone. On the other hand, an internal network has a zone of higher trust. DMZ or Demilitarized Zone is zone with an intermediate trust level. The function of Firewall within a network is like physical firewalls having fire doors in construction. They efficiently protect network intrusion in the private network. Firewalls greatly improve the security of a network or host. They can be utilized for following things:


·         To prevent and shield the services, applications as well as machines of your internal network from any un-necessary traffic that move towards the public Internet.

·         To restrict or stop access to services of public network from hosts of the internal network

·         To provide extensive support to NAT (Network Address Translation)


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