Friday, April 02, 2010

Different Architectures Of Computer Security

As everyone must be aware computer security is mainly about information security as computers are communicating through networks all the time. Mainly, it is concerned about protecting your computer from corruption, natural disasters and theft. On the other hand, authorized users should be able to access the authenticated information without any problem. This information should remain productive to the valid users. This term involves collective processes and varied mechanisms. These processes protect valuable and sensitive data. They need to be protected from publication, collapse and tampering. There can be untrustworthy people on your network they may misuse the information hence there need of computer security to avoid unpleasant events.


This security mechanism is based on logic. It does not only protect information but also computer applications, programs that impose program's behavior. There are different approaches of computer security and sometimes combination of two or three approaches are used to provide robust security mechanism. Either security policy is enforced by software installed on network and computer system. This software generally serves the purpose. There are few other approaches which are more expensive and non-deterministic. Many limited organization opt for this costly software and the overall use is very limited. If you make wrong combination of two approaches, it may lead in failure. Hence, you need to make right combination of techniques for your computer security system.      


There are even hardware mechanisms to avoid multiplicity degrees of freedom which are more practical. There is even layered architecture software for computer security. Maximum there can be four layers in layered architecture computer security software. If you have already installed security systems for your network there are also enhance security design software that can be combined with your existing system.


There is technique called "principle of least privilege" that is gaining popularity these days. In this technique, if a computer hacker gains access to one part of the system or network, the security ensures, which makes him difficult to access other parts and meanwhile you can catch the theft. In this technique system is broken down in to small components that result in reducing the complexity of individual component. This automated theorem is crucial for software subsystems. This is closed form of computer security.


The hacker is not aware that he is being traced as it does not give any messages. Such type of computer security is used in national military agencies. There are number of proven techniques which you can hire according to your requirements and needs of computer security. Before installing any computer security system get well aware of its characteristics and functionalities. Save My System is here to help you out in computer security services. In addition, we can also help you in London data recovery services.